Intro Month 1: Decide on Your Flight-Path Month 2: SaaS Metrics To Help Track Progress Month 3: Engage Your Thrusters with Content and Advertising Month 4: Four Essential Advertising Metrics for SaaS Companies Month 5: Advanced Revenue Tracking and Fine-Tuning Analytics for SaaS Growth Month 6: Lost in Space—How to Keep Your SaaS Company Productive Month 7: Stopping the Fuel Leaks—How to Slow SaaS Cancellations Conclusion: Fuel Management—Onwards and Onwards Towards Your Goal
Conclusion: Fuel Management—Onwards and Onwards Towards Your Goal

Conclusion: Fuel Management—Onwards and Onwards Towards Your Goal


By Dylan Touhey

Fantastic work. You’ve made it to our 7-month goal. But it’s the journey, not the destination, where success is won or lost.

This was a getting started guide to SaaS growth. We hope that you are further towards your goal than you were when you first read the guide.

Below are some advanced resources to help you take your company to the next stage of growth.

Resources, books, and tools

Lean Analytics. This book will help you better measure and define success for your SaaS company.

Software by Rob. Silly name for a blog, but filled with excellent SaaS marketing advice.

A Smart Bear. This man is definitely one smart bear. One of the best SaaS marketing blogs out there.

Five steps to help choose your customer acquisition channel. This article is very helpful for planning your next campaign.

Brilliant tool for conducting a reverse funnel analysis in Google Analytics.

3 rules for actionable SaaS metrics.

How to select the right KPIs for small and medium sized businesses .

A must-read conversion optimization book list.

The ONE Guide to AdWords Remarketing. This guide shows you how to use remarketing to drive new subscription sales. Remarketing is useful for growth as you can refine your spend and focus your AdWords on the prospects who have exhibited buying behavior on your website.

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