Intro Month 1 - Decide on Your Flight-Path Month 2 - SaaS Metrics To Help Track Progress Month 3 - Engage Your Thrusters with Content and Advertising Month 4 - 4 essential advertising metrics for SaaS companies Month 5 - Advanced revenue tracking and fine-tuning analytics for SaaS growth Month 6 - Lost in space: how to keep your SaaS company productive Month 7 - Stopping the fuel leaks - How to slow SaaS cancellations Conclusion
SaaS Growth: the 7-Month Guide to Growing Your SaaS Company

SaaS Growth: the 7-Month Guide to Growing Your SaaS Company

By the One Net Marketing team

This guide offers a blueprint for helping your SaaS company grow. You’ll find tactical ideas for building your userbase, as well advice on tracking sales and conversion paths with Google Analytics, custom scripts, and very helpful SaaS metrics to track.

We’ve included advanced resources at the end of each section and have packed our agency’s 10+ years of digital marketing experience into seven detailed chapters.

Who is this for?

If you are a medium-sized SaaS company, this guide will help you kickstart some sales and marketing initiatives.

We’ve tried to break down complex topics like SaaS analytics, advertising metrics, and organic growth in a way that medium-sized SaaS companies can take action on.

The tactics and tools we offer here are based on our agency’s work with SaaS companies, as well as some larger frameworks we’ve learned from working for SaaS products such as Google’s Wildfire, Intuit’s QuickBooks and Thomson Reuter’s WestlawNext.

This guide has lots of actionable tactics that can be executed by your in-house marketing team as well as help for consultants and other practitioners in the field.

What you’ll learn

Will my company really grow in 7 months if I read this guide?

We obviously couldn’t write a how-to guide that would fit every type of SaaS company. After all, each of you have unique marketing and business challenges.

There is no magic bullet when it comes to building a business. But this guide is all based on experience, not theory, and you will find an actionable framework you can apply to your own company.

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About the authors

This guide was written by the One Net Marketing team. We brought together engineers, digital analysts, PPC experts, and SaaS marketing specialists. We wrote the guide in three content sprints, sharing our experience and favorite tactics for growing userbases and tracking the results of digital channels.

One Net Marketing is a digital-grown agency, specializing in helping SaaS and tech brands use performance-based marketing channels to drive free trials, leads, and long-term customer love.

Our SaaS clients include Google’s Wildfire, Google’s DoubleClick, Thomson Reuters, Intuit, RealNetworks, Sprint, Impact Radius, AppLovin, Zirx, FreeMonee, GetSatisfaction and Wealthfront to name a few.

Month 1: Decide on Your Flight-Path

This chapter helps you decide on a realistic growth goal to achieve in 7 months. You’ll select one big goal that will motivate your team and help set the direction.

Month 2: SaaS Metrics To Help Track Progress

After you’ve selected a big goal, we help you select smaller milestones to achieve along the way. You’ll also get a breakdown of the four basic categories of marketing and sales activities that attract new customers.

You’ll be asked to select at least metrics and tactics for each category. This will help you build your 7-month growth blueprint.

Month 3: Engage Your Thrusters with Content and Advertising

This chapter shows you how put some fuel in the tank. We’ve been helping companies get leads and sales online for 10+ years and in this section we break down the essential knowledge you need to know about content marketing, earned media (SEO, content marketing, social media), and paid exposure (paid search, display). We’ll help you refine your existing campaigns and increase the reach of your content and advertising efforts.

Month 4: Four essential advertising metrics for SaaS companies

This chapter is about fine-tuning your advertising and making sure that your investment in digital marketing is producing a return. We show you how to set proper customer acquisition costs, how to pick the right conversion rate (yes there are more than one), the essential metric of ROAS, and how to calculate lifetime value of SaaS customers.

Month 5: Advanced revenue tracking and fine-tuning analytics for SaaS growth

This chapter is stacked with helpful lessons and detail about tracking revenue back to the source of conversion. We reveal our agency’s very cool advanced Google Analytics tracking, helping you locate the true sources of your customers. The chapter also offers practical analysis tips, showing you how to conduct a reverse funnel analysis to uncover small pockets of traffic that can be contributing a large boost to your bottom line.

Month 6: Lost in space – how to keep your SaaS company productive

You started with the best of intentions. But along the way, your team might have started to lose sight of the goal. It’s common to be lost in middle, reaching for milestones but having the new website launch delayed, the new product feature half-launched; always in a state of almost there.

We show you a framework to help you keep your team motivated and how to refine your product team’s productivity.

Month 7: Stopping the fuel leaks – How to slow SaaS cancellations

The goal of this guide is growth. But once you start to acquire new customers, you’ll want to make sure that they aren’t just marching straight from the front door to the exit.

You’ll discover tactical cancellation “tripwires,” helping you to use analytics to identify cancellation behavior and answer the customer’s reason for quitting your service before they actually leave.

Conclusion: Fuel Management – onwards and onwards towards your goal

We bid adieu with some advanced resources and links to our favorite SaaS marketing and analytics tools, sending you on your way to infinity and beyond.

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